Conviction Circles

Dismantling doubts and nurturing conviction.

One truth at a time.

Conviction Circles give you the opportunity to:


Read. Listen. Think. Our Discussion Kits are designed to make you think critically about the most relevant faith issues today.


Gain a community. Every Circle aims to bring diverse people together, so you can be a part of a gathering that betters you and everyone around you.


Empower yourself. This is a chance for self-reflection and self-development—a process to inspire you to become someone who gives back.

Conviction Circles meet regularly, using Yaqeen Institute's research publications to give you a chance to explore faith in a thoughtful space with a diverse group of people.

How Conviction Circles Work

It's simple.

You choose the place. Conviction Circles can take place anywhere: cafés, universities, mosques, parks—any relaxed environment that you decide can be a safe space for you to have a thoughtful discussion.
We give you the content. Each Circle uses a Discussion Kit that breaks down a Yaqeen publication into simplified components—and we provide training on how to use them. The Kits are designed to give you structure and a starting point to engage in conversations that Muslims from every discipline are already having—and start new conversations that need to take place in the Muslim community.
Start your own Circle

I want a Circle in my area.

How do I start one?

Choose a Facilitator. A Facilitator is someone who helps lead and organize a Conviction Circle. It can be you or someone else. You can find more details in the Starter Kit once you register. If someone else will be facilitating, direct them to this page and have them click the "Start Your Own Circle" button so they can receive their training.
Find the best time and place for you. It can be anywhere you can accommodate all of your members and have an insightful discussion. Our Kits are designed to let you meet at least once a week—but you can set your own pace.
Gather a diverse membership. We'll give you editable PDF templates of flyers you can post to market your Circle. Direct participants to this website to help them understand what they're signing up for. Here's a tip: Keeping your membership capped at 15 people is more conducive to productive discussions.
It's time to train. Once the facilitator is signed up, they can access the Training Tutorials on our online portal that will provide basic training to help start, lead, and maintain a Circle. And with our online Q&A sessions facilitators will always have access to a support system.
Begin the conversation. Set the tone in your first meeting for a relaxed, welcoming environment that is conducive to making you and your Circle better Muslims who engage in critical thinking, exchange different viewpoints, and end up feeling inspired enough to give back to the world.

And that's it.

Become a facilitator 
& begin bringing people together.

Start your own Circle

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